This is 24 x 36 inches acrylic on canvas.

This was part of an idea that I had a while back where I wanted to do a bunch of various car-related art in different media as the body of work to present to galleries. in my search for photos to paint I found this one(shown). So I repurposed a painting I was working on. you can see the old painting beneath for a hot second. I created the video to show the progress. I try to take a picture after each session of work. If there is not much to see I don’t take a picture.

I still am considering doing a body of vintage racecar art. I am going to create each piece in different media. one charcoal, one watercolor, one in oil, one in black and white. one very abstract.

The race car street art was done when I had this idea in my head and thought it would be cool to do a racecar related piece in that format.